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Nocturnal (She/They) is a Dominican-American mix media surrealist based out of New York. They are full-time therapist and do consulting work for local nonprofits. Advocating for mental health, minorities, LGBTQIA, and women is a passion of theirs. Most of Nocturnal's work encompasses the use of the third eye, and the whitening of their regular eyes. This serves as almost a precursor for anyone looking at Nocturnal's art to be aware that this piece is supposed to connect with their consciousness. Nocturnal also likes to incorporate the use of hands which to them symbolizes one of the most important features of human nature, connection. Nocturnal's work is largely inspired by Salvador Dali’s color palettes and imagery, and the honesty of Frida Kahlo.

Photo by Josie Zetina, INKA originals

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